About The Glass lady


For the past several years Becky Mitchell has worked with the parents and students of our Haskins Elementary School as well as our High School creating outstanding works that utilize stained glass. Many of the pieces have been auctioned at school fund raisers and have been very popular items. In my own office I have a fountain that utilizes stained glass that she helped elementary students create.Becky has been a dependable resource for our teachers and parent groups. Even though her stained glass art work has been very popular, it was not until the past month that her amazing talent was fully appreciated. She has wowed our school community with the stained glass window she has created to be displayed in our high school commons area. It is the gathering point for all events prior to audiences entering our new auditorium or our gymnasium. Some thought the art piece would be diminished because it is located at a peak of this large space. This is far from the case. Because of her careful selection of glass products and attention to detail, her window has become the focal point of the special area in our new school we call the commons. No matter the age, people enjoy learning from Becky how to work with glass because of her extensive knowledge of the medium as well as enjoyable personality. If you or your group has the opportunity to have Becky share her skills with you, it will be time well spent! Likewise if you are interested in having a custom work created and executed by her, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Joe Long, Superintendent

Several years ago, a local artist approached me about doing glass projects with students. Although I was skeptical that elementary children could/should work with glass, I couldn’t deny an eager artist. What a good decision that turned out to be!! Becky Olson has been teaching glass classes to students in grades K-6 for many years now. The students and staff look forward to the glass classes and creating beautiful glass mosaics and windows. The projects have become so popular that students often stay after school or miss recess to work on them. We have also used the class projects as auction items at our annual PTO fundraiser and individual class projects have sold for over $400.00. The teamwork and artistic talents developed in creating these projects must be seen to be believed. Students work hard to create individual and group projects, which are creative and valuable pieces of art when finished. We are so fortunate to have had this wonderful artist in our district for so many years. I would guess that her teaching hours alone were worth a fortune, not to mention the thousands of dollars brought in at the PTO auction. I highly recommend “The Glass Lady” and the wonderful teaching to elementary schools fortunate to be in her driving area. You will be amazed at what your students learn and create! Kay Kuhlman, Principal Haskins Elementary